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We are the 24/7 Padel leader.

The very first Digital and Broadcast Multiscreen TV channel available in English across the world.

We offer the Best of the World Padel Tour Men and Women Games to ensure and promote equality.

Including The World Padel Tour Matches & Competition / Highlights / Coaching sessions / Nutrition in partnership with the Hello Padel Academy and Black Crown.

What is PADEL?

Padel is brand new  incluse sport reaching 40% women and 60% men. Available in over 90 countries in the world with more than 30M players worldwide. Padel courts growth : >180% in the last 5 years. Padel were at the European Games in 2023.
Born in Mexico in 1969, padel is an accessible, mixed, collective, fun and intergenerational sport that creates social links and generates conviviality. Bringing together the best aspects of tennis and squash, this sport is played in doubles on a small playing area (20m x 10m) divided by a net and with a point system equivalent to tennis. It attracts all types of players, in women's, men's and mixed events